Not for nobody?

Last warning, too pink.


The bliss of living alone, on your own. Through the years, recognicing the need for space comes so clear. Why didn’t I start practising this earlier. It would have made such a difference. But yes, now is the Best time. For it all.

Oh the torture of living in someone elses’ home. Your always on the ways, your stuff is always on the way no matter what, you’ll never feel like you’re at home, you’ll always be a guest, a visitor and in invador. Just on the way. Doesn’t matter if they love you, adore you. If you love them, “can I put this is here for a while”, “where are those”, “do you have those”, “I’ll be back then”, “Where are you then and now and always..”. Do you have the right to clean? Or organize things? Touch anything at all? And yes please, try to make yourself comfortable… Controll. How much of it is ok? I tend to take too much of it for myself. Trying not to be the boss of others. Humble, stay humble. And then when you hear the words “…need to be somewhere else for the night..”  just outch. I hope I don’t have to go through that again anymore. Please let me stay.
Sweet home. Just lovelovelove my home. My own. Safe and quiet.

Occasionally I do like to share it with others.

I would so much love to have him here. Have an enormous amount of hospbitality and just warmth preserved just to pamper and worship him. Could do that for days. Ok, for a couple of days. A weekend. Wish you were a bit closer.


2 Responses to “Way too pink?”

  1. boygiraffe Says:

    are u I free gas??? off clubpenguin

  2. smokingbianca Says:


    are you crazy??? :)

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